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Your competition
is on!

With solidarity and joy you will achieve your personal running goals!

Run your preferred distance on your favourite route!

Let your legs whirl, your lungs pump, your eyes light up, measure yourself with others and do good!

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"The nursing staff has made an incredible effort in the last few weeks and continues to be under great pressure. As a passionate runner and president of Spitex Switzerland, I am very happy about the partnership. I will personally participate in some of the runs.

We would like to thank all runners for their great support of the project.”

Thomas Heiniger, CEO Spitex Schweiz

Your run

Are you a casual runner, everyday Nordic walker, stroller or an eager marathon runner?

#ZüriLäuft versus #BernLäuft – or which city makes more kilometers and donates more!



Here's how it works:


Alone and yet
virtually together

Every Sunday you run your favourite distance on your favourite track (5/10/21,1/30 KM)


Upload your result

Upload your result and tracking, 
including a personal photo of the run until 9 pm every Sunday


Challenge the community

Challenge yourself in the virtual run and do your bit to help Zurich complete more kilometers than Bern!

>>> Very important: Observe the regulations of the  BAG! <<<

Your distance

Are you dreaming of a marathon or half-marathon or do you just want to do sports in times of social distancing and Stay at Home?

Choose freely:

5 km

10 km

21,1 km

30 km

Take advantage of the crisis, measure yourself against the competition and prepare yourself ideally for your upcoming highlight!

Registration until 23:59 on Saturday of the current week

Your package

Get your personal Züri Läuft package to start, choose between a single run or thee 4x run subscription  


"Because exercise not only keeps you fit and healthy, but this running project is also a fundraising campaign for health institutions, the SWICA health organization is not only committed to be a partner but also donates CHF 3.- per registration.

Your donation

Solidarity, training and competition

Züri Läuft combines solidarity, training and competition under one hat! With every run or package purchased, we donate CHF 5.00/10.00 to Spitex – the true marathon runners of this time!

Your community

@ZüriLäuft #MirSindZüri #Zäme4Züri #KeepRunningZurich #SupportSpitex